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Matcha Starter Set

Enjoy matcha as a part of your daily routine at home with our Matcha Starter Set! The kit includes:

Handmade Chawan Matcha Bowl

Tin of Mizuba Daily Matcha (40 grams)

Bamboo Matcha Whisk

Make your own traditional matcha at home with a handmade John Kinder Chawan bowl, a bamboo matcha whisk and a fresh and delicious matcha sourced and stone-ground from a 100-year old matcha manufactory in Uji, Japan by our friends and purveyors, Mizuba Tea Company. Mizuba's Daily Matcha has a light perfume flavor profile with aromatics of toasted vanilla. It's semi-sweet, vegetal flavor is packed with high concentrations of anti-oxidants, amino acids, chlorophyll and caffeine.

    $60.00 per ounce
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