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All About Earl Grey

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When many people think of tea, they think of Earl Grey. It doesn't get much more classic than a cup of Earl Grey, with all its might and aroma. Earl Grey is typically made from black tea, and is flavored with the essence from the peel of the Bergamot orange.

The thing about Earl Grey, is that it's a delightful cup of tea no matter how you make it. It's great with or without milk, and it's great as a latte. You can add a little sweetener to it, or leave it be. (Fun fact: did you know the British put milk in their tea? Not cream, just milk. It's the British way!)

Here at Townshend's, we offer four different types of Earl Grey for your drinking pleasure:

(No. 14) Earl Grey - The very best classic Earl Grey we've come upon. The perfect level of bergamot oil added to a very fine Chinese orange pekoe. A daily drink. Decaf available.

(No. 13) Créme de la Earl Grey - Medium-strength Earl Grey following in traditional English style, blended with blue mallow blossoms and an essence of French creme. Our best-selling tea.

(No. 15) Blue Flower Earl Grey - Blended teas from Ceylon and Nilgiri, flavored with a special bergamot oil and sprinkled with Blue Mallow blossoms. A delight for any Earl Grey lover.

(No. 35) Jade Earl Green - This very special Earl Grey uses only the finest bold-leaf green teas and most exotic bergamot oils. An employee favorite both hot and iced.