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About Townshend's Tea Company

Townshend’s was founded in April of 2006 in Portland, and has since become one of Oregon’s largest purveyors of tea. Townshend’s samples teas from all over the world, bringing a collection of “Everything Tea” to the Northwest. Townshend's offers over 100 varieties of tea, including all of the classics, a “Finest” list of rare teas, an “Apothecary” list of herbal medicinal blends, tea lattes and chai from scratch, bubble tea and its own house-brewed Brew Dr. Kombucha.

Townshend’s teahouses offer a relaxing atmosphere with cozy couches, outdoor seating, free wireless Internet, local art displays on the walls and an exceptional selection of music. The company has nine retail locations: The Alberta Street Teahouse, Division Street Teahouse, Mississippi Avenue Teahouse, and Montavilla Teahouse in Portland, Oregon; the Bend Teahouse in Bend, Oregon; the Eugene Teahouse and University of Oregon EMU Tea Bar in Eugene, Oregon; the Bozeman Teahouse in Bozeman, Montana; and the Park City Teahouse in Park City, Utah. In addition to their teahouses, Townshend’s also owns and operates Brew Dr. Kombucha and Thomas & Sons Distillery. For more information visit, and

Townshend's Tea Company Logo

Please contact us to request alternate logo formats.

Logo Usage: Do not alter the logo's shape, proportion, color or orientation in any way. Clear space the width of the teapot must surround the logo on all sides so that no type, design or photographic elements encroach on the logo. Only place the logo on a light background with sufficient contrast.

Brand Colors

The Townshend's brand uses these specific colors. Avoid using shades or tints of the colors at any time.

    Townshend's Brown
    PMS 462
    C-50 M-58 Y-100 K-45
    R-90 G-72 B-28
    Hex: #5a471c
    Townshend's Green
    PMS 383
    C-20 M-0 Y-100 K-19
    R-178 G-187 B-30
    Hex: #b2bb1c
    Townshend's Cream
    PMS 9142
    C-7 M-7 Y-25 K-0
    R-236 G-227 B-195
    Hex: #ece3c3


Please contact us with any press- or brand-related inquiries.